The Curaçao Lions Club is celebrating its 70th year anniversary. During the past 70 years, the club worked tirelessly to serve the less fortunate of our community.  To celebrate this important milestone, we have great plans for the benefit our community. Community service is now as relevant if not even more so than 70 years ago.

On April 23rd, the Curaçao Lions Club is organizing an art festival called ART X. The X stands for Xperience, Xplosion and your imagination. We’re talking paintings, sculptures, photography, Grafiti, you name it! With this festival the Curaçao Lions club wants to create more awareness about Art in our society. There are lots of talents in Curaçao, but unfortunately our island does not have the means to fully stimulate education in art. Research has shown that several important skills are obtained while practicing art, for example creativity, confidence and problem solving skills.

Therefore you cannot miss this ART Xperience where more than 30 local artists will showcase their most beautiful creations.