The highlight of the evening will be the Auction where more than 30 art pieces will be auctioned off for charity. Proceeds will go to the Curaçao Lions Club and a special donation will be given to Ronald McDonald house charities.

Click on the names of the participating artists to view their art pieces

Ailsa Anastatia
Arthur Oster
Brigitte Wawoe
Brett Russel
Carlos Blaaker
Clemens Briels
Dominique Ebbeng
Dominique Ebbeng & Marc Vinck
Ellen Elings
Ellen Hoke
Ellen Spijkstra
Giovanni Zanolino
Hanneke van der Hout – Floor
Ingeborg Sint Jago
Joanne den Dulk
Johnson & Milano Goilo
José Maria Capricorne
Maghalie van der Bunt – George
Marc Vinck
Marcel van Duijneeldt
Marlies Schoenmakers
Merly Trappenberg
Michèle Russel – Capriles
Michelle Meijs
Omar Maduro
Papy Adriana
Phillipe Zanolino
Rose Ann Ignacio
Susan Rudolf
Tanya Haynes
Yubi Kirindongo