Stillife with Flowers - after Balthasar van der Ast

  • Title: after – Hans Bollingier, Still Life with Flowers
  • Medium: Lambda Print Face mounted to acrylic (Diasec) with Dibond back
  • Year
  • Size: 60 x 90 cm

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Part of ‘Je Maintiendrai’ series which was inspired by Dutch 17th century Art. All pieces including ’Stillife with Flowers’ are Brett’s interpretations of iconic pieces of the ‘Dutch masters’. ‘Still life with flowers’ strongly refers to the Golden age in composition, style and lighting while there are carefully placed modern elements to be found.

Stillife with flowers represents the aftermath of the VOC activities. ‘Sate Saus’ in the Netherlands is often regarded as being typically Dutch. Which is true in a certain sense because it has been introduced by the VOC which was a typically Dutch organization that greatly contributed to Dutch wealth.

The flowers are the symbol of wealth but at the same time a reminder of change and death and their inevitability.

In totality this piece represents how stolen goods were the foundation to create a thriving nation while also showing how irrelevant Dutch history is for the Dutch.


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