The highlight of the evening will be the Auction where more than 20 art pieces will be auctioned off for charity. Proceeds will go to the Curaçao Lions Club and a special donation will be given to Ronald McDonald house charities.

Participating artists

Andre Nagtegaal Jervine Mook
Ariadne Faries Joanne den Dulk
Brigitte Wawoe Marc Vinck
Carel Rink Marlies Schoenmakers
Carlos Blaaker Michèle Russel – Capriles
Carlos Blaaker Omar Maduro
Danique Braam Papy Adriana
Ellen Spijkstra Philippe Zanolino
Francis Sling Rose-Ann Ignacio
Garrick Marchena & Pancholo Serena Israel
Giovani Zanolino Tanya Haynes
Giovanni Abath (7.1)