Hoke, Ellen


Born and raised in the Netherlands of Moluccan decent.
As of 2006 I live in Curaçao.

My passion for ceramics was rekindled in 2008 when an acquaintance introduced me to Yubi Kirindongo. During that encounter Yubi enquired as to my interest in the arts. And so it is that I told him my story.
I studied painting at the “Vrije Kunstacademie” in Nijmegen. After just one year I decided to change to sculpting under guidance of Joop ten Riele, a sculptor from Zutphen. I found this quite interesting, as it was pure physical. However after just a few years I had to stop due to worn-out ligaments in my arms. Mr. ten Riele also taught in bronze, lead and ceramic. To date I practice ceramics.
My masterpiece is a solid clay portrait of my husband that was poured in bronze.

So it was that I then inquired from Yubi where I could buy clay and fire on the island. He referred me to Ellen Spijkstra and sent me home with two old bags of clay. As of that day my love for ceramics was rekindled and I never looked back.

Via, via I ended up on Ellen’s doorstep and her huge oven. Her studio overflowed with inspiration.

That is how this new exiting and educational process started. I also emenslely enjoyed working with Ellen Spijkstra and Ellen Elings. This relationship resulted in a successful joint exhibition at Alma Blou named “The three Ellens”.
I am very grateful to Ellen for that, as I am to Yubi for rekindling my love for ceramics. It is also nice to know that he likes my work.

My flower creations are colorful and pleasant.
“Flowers” is the largest of the collection.

Ellen Hoke