Ingeborg Sint Jago
Ingeborg Sint Jago


Born in Curaçao and was raised in Bonaire as both her parents are originally from Bonaire. She has degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and Banking.

Ingeborg got her inspiration in 2011 from the Mayan Calendar that foretold of great changes. In her investigations on the internet on this phenomenon, Ingeborg encountered a lot of interesting information that filled her with energy and gave her the idea to share what she learned with others.

One internet site discussed the idea that everybody in the world is an artist. She wanted proof of that by deciding that she was going to become a painter. Then she got the idea that she wanted to share all she learned in acrylic paintings.

Ingeborg created 80 paintings from 2012 to April 2014. She made cards photos of the paintings and attached a positive message to each one and put them all in a giftbox. She was having a blast while painting.

On Saturday November 30th 2014 Ingeborg, an auto-didactic artist, exhibited her work for the very first time at Landhuis Klein Kwartier in Curacao entitled “Soleil Collection: A Reflection on Conscious Living.” Guests young and older visiting the exposition were touched by the messages and the colorful paintings.