Maghalie van der Bunt – George


I love Stones…… I discovered this while doing something with reluctance out of love. My mother once invited me to join her for a course of sculpting in soapstone. I absolutely had no wish to participate, the course did not appeal to me whatsoever. I tried to persuade my mother in signing up for some other creative course like mosaic, but eventually I gave in just to please her. We worked on a stone for 5 days. Along the way I discovered the amazing and wonderful process of creation. When one creates something, when you put your feelings into it, when you feel that it is good with the stroke of your hands, when along the way you see how a form, a line or a shape emerges, when you manage to bring out that what you saw in the stone since you first laid eyes on it, when during polishing colors appear which were still a mystery up to then….it feels so good: joy and contentment. Is this how my Creator feels when He creates? He created and saw that it was good. What you have created, you love. Even If others do not, even If it lets others cold. My Sculptures might not be perfect in the eyes of a perfectionist or a stylist. An astonishing spatial perspective and a perfect feeling for symmetry I might not have…but what I do have is passion. As I am and what I can, that’s how I was created, was formed and sculpted and it is good. And just as I am, armed with globes, dust mask and with protective goggles, with in my ears the tunes of my favorite hymns and worship songs, I create a sculpture. While singing aloud, equipped with the anglegrinder with diamond blade, I empty my head and I sculpt and experience a feeling of inner peace and contentment. I prefer to keep the original form of the stone as much as possible and I also like to leave a part rough and untouched. For me: no specific themes, no explicit style, little thinking and lots of ‘just let it happen’. Placing the piece of art on the pedestal is always exciting…. ‘Is this the right angle? please stone: don’t burst while I drill the hole’. But after the ordeal, when it is accomplished: yes! super! Grateful! Since that first workshop in 2005 I never look the same way at a stone or a sculpture no matter whom the sculptor is.

Maghalie van der Bunt – George (1973) is an autodidact. Her sculpting search and learning process regarding the ‘Curaçao stones’ started in 2005. She had her first exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof in march 2015. In October 2015 she participated in the exhibition Taboo also in Landhuis Bloemhof. Maghalie earns her living as consulting partner at Deloitte Dutch Caribbean.