Michelle Angella Meijs


Michelle Angella Meijs is a Jamaican born, living in Curaçao since 1990.

Being a self-taught visual artist, she experimented with a variety of media, techniques and surfaces, from pencil portraits on paper, to digital drawings of surrealism art, to acrylics on boards. Her style and technique are still evolving.

She now creates paintings in acrylics, both oceanscapes & marine life, as well as fluid abstracts. These are painted on special surfaces like clay boards and gesso boards.

Michelle’s oceanscape paintings are inspired by her love of the ocean’s movement and waves. The blended shades of blue & green colors of the sea, are rendered in vibrant acrylic colors.

Her abstracts are influenced by the organic structure of rocks, corals & plants found in nature, and by the movement and flow of water. The shapes, textures, swirls, and splashes of colors, are all the things that come together to make up these non-objective abstract pieces.


Past Exhibitions:
2007        –     Portraits, Mon Art Gallery, Riffort Village, Curaçao
2011         –     Abstracts, Grand Opening, Art Gallery Kissimmee, Florida
2012         –     Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao
2014         –     Abstracts, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao
2014        –    Coral Scenes, Maritime Museum, Curaçao