Maduro, Omar



1960                      Born in Curaçao

1971-1977          Luigi Pinedo
1980-1982        ‘Akademia di Arte’ (Curacao)
1984-1989        Teacher Drawing and Crafts, S.O.L., University of Utrecht (Netherlands)

1983-1984          Illustrator book: ‘Abo i bo malentin pa ku komunikashon’ (author William Richard Piternella) and Illustrator Poetry of the mother of Mr. Wiliam Richard Piternella.
1987                     Design for T- shirts. (‘E Mago di Oz’, Fina Dance Art school Curaçao) and logo Pisina Beni Leito, Curacao)
1989-1990          Teacher Arts and crafts on GOG. (Gouvernements reformatory, Curacao).
1990-present     Free Artist (free work/commissioned)
1990-2008         Teacher crafts / drawing / painting, several secondary schools (Netherlands)
2004-present    Teacher crafts / drawing / painting, various community centers / after school care / companies / organizations & face/bodypainting at activities (Netherlands and Curaçao)

1988                     Cutouts of male bodies (Café ‘De Wolkenkrabber’, Utrecht & café bar ‘Loge 90’, Rotterdam)
1990                     Torsos (Cafe de Wokenkrabber, Utrecht)
2014                     Shadow – A mirror of shadows and light telling a story. (Floris suite, Curacao, part South Caribbean Pride / South Caribbean Art Festival)
2014                     Sensual (At home ‘Casa  Fe’, Curacao)
2015                     Tabu (Landhuis Bloemhof, Curacao with Tanya Haynes)