Auction Rules

  • Every artist assures the Curaçao Lions Club that their art piece is their original creation!
  • Art pieces and Art Xperiences on the website will have a minimum price (determined by the artist).
  • During the ArtX Auction on March 17 all purchases will be recorded, and the buyer will sign a proof of purchase immediately. Buyers can either pay with their Maestro and/or Credit Card (swipe machine is available) or company check.
  • If you purchase a piece of art: upon payment and delivery buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity, certifying that the piece is an original from the artist.
  • If you purchase an Art Xperience: you will receive a voucher confirming your purchase and including the details of the Art Xperience.
  • As of March 8th till March 15th customers will have the opportunity to visit Project 3 at George Maduroweg 14 from 10am – 5pm and admire the art pieces at the gallery.