The Curaçao Lions Club is the first (and therefore oldest) Lions club to be organized and chartered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on February 27th, 1946. The club consisted of 50 prominent members of our community. The motto of Lions International “WE SERVE” was put into practice, reinforcing:

  • the understanding among fellow-members;
  • motivating and bringing people together;
  • being a positive force in our community;
  • creating enjoyable, safer ways of living;
  • planning and implementing Lionistic projects on behalf of and for the well-being of the community in need and distress.

Dear Friends,

The 3rd edition of ArtX will take place on March 28, 2020. ArtXcelebrates the work of our wonderful local artists, while supporting the community in various ways.  This year, ArtX is supporting the project of the first Inclusive Playground on Curaçao. This project started in 2018 and is a collaboration between Curaçao Lions Club and Children’s Museum Curaçao.

For so many kids with disabilities, their days are spent with parents, doctors, nurses, therapists and other adults. Integrating into the community is one of the hardest hurdles of life with a disability. There is often a strong feeling of isolation and the ability to socialize is so important, especially for kids. Inclusion is an important value that children learn from the playground.

By building this first inclusive playground on Curaçao we are serving the needs in our community and improving the lives of our children for the better. It’s not only about the playground it’s about the philosophy that all children should have equal rights and opportunities.

The benefits of an inclusive playground reach far beyond the happiness and growth of local children. Inclusive play is about ensuring people of different sizes, abilities and cultural backgrounds can play together. Especially for children with disabilities, play is therapy – both physical and emotional.

We invite you to take a look at the art pieces, join us with your family and friends and bid on beautiful art pieces and artistic experiences. We thank all the artists, art lovers, sponsors and all who are contributing to make ArtX 2020 a great success. With your purchase we are one step closer to make this amazing dream, the first Inclusive Playground on Curaçao, come true. See you at Landhuis Klein Kwartier, on March 28, 2020

Sincerely yours,

Mariela Romero
President of the Curaçao Lions Club 2019 – 2020