Zanolino, Giovani


I’m French born artist of mixed descent. My father is French Italian, and my mother is Persian-Indian, but I was raised on the small Caribbean island nation of Curaçao. I studied abroad, including in Holland at the Art academy of Zwolle as well as in Limoges France where I passed a bachelors in English Language and Culture. I moved back to my island 3 years ago and have been working in the arts for some 10 years. My father is also an artist, So I’ve been surrounded by art all my life. He largely taught me to paint and to think for myself. My Dream is for people to realize we are truly brothers and sisters. For each of us or enough of us, to stand strong, for what is right and just in the world. For us to overthrow the system of power that keeps the many down, and enriches the few, with no regard for fellow human beings, moral conduct or equality. I believe we are each and everyone of us spiritual power houses finding their way back to the source, which is truly the “real” self. I dream of a day where I can truly and fully love myself, the universe and all it’s facets. I dream of being one with my true identity, which according to me is the very source that created all that is, and is in fact no-thing. I dream that I may one day enter in communion with the universe and to perform it’s works accordingly, I aim to fine tune myself to be the best instrument of the higher power I can be, and in so doing might grant myself liberation from the cycles of pain and joy.