Den Dulk, Joanne


Joanne den Dulk born and raised in Curaçao from a Dutch father and Curaçaoan mother, holds many beautiful childhood memories. Going back in time, of going to Radulphus College, Joanne den Dulk remembers how her art teacher picked her out to follow private art lessons for a whole year, because she had an eye for colors. This memory is still of great importance for this great artist, a memory that still has influence in her daily life and career. Having gone for 3 years to the St. Thomas art academy Curaçao, which later was closed due to insufficient funding, it was not until 15 years ago that Joanne den Dulk started her true calling in life.

Love, compromise and owning a big heart, Joanne den Dulk discovered her hidden talent of owning the pointillism technique and was fascinated by it. This discovery was made 8 years ago when a cousin of Joanne den Dulk asked her to make 3 paintings for her new office and gave her an art book about aboriginals for inspiration, which had the pointillism technique in it. By discovering this technique, without having any background study for it, Joanne den Dulk entered a unique and creative world, which she had since young. Also being a hairdresser and loving the fact that she is one, this great artist never lets critics bring her down or demotivate her, and instead it inspires her. Always up for a good Jambo with Funchi and living her life to the fullest, Joanne den Dulk also gets inspired for her artwork by observation of the things around her. Besides this, Joanne den Dulk just loves colors, colors and more colors.

Color, rather than shape, is more closely related to emotion, when entering her art world. Joanne den Dulk pours her heart and soul into her paintings and trusts her feelings entirely to the colors she uses. Color creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting, and that is why Joanne den Dulk experiences painting in black and white as a punishment. Calling herself a ‘choller of art’, this great artist creates unique paintings and never copies or makes the same painting again. Often experiencing unique moments when painting, Joanne den Dulk created one of many great pieces of art, called ‘We are the world’, which she was painting when Michael Jackson passed away. Upon discovering his passing, she dedicated it as homage to the legend of all times. This painting was the first painting she sold at her first big exhibition.

Organizing every year one big exhibition and some smaller exhibitions, for example, at Albert Heijn, this unique artist has paintings in Belgium, Texas, Netherlands, Aruba and New York. Using the techniques of pointillism, lines, shapes, colors and aquarelle, her masterpiece for herself is the one hanging in the ORCO Bank. Not painting is not being for Joanne den Dulk, it’s something that has to be done. With her passion and love for art, her ultimate dream would be to have exhibitions in the Netherlands, New York or Australia. Admiring the art of Yubi Kirindongo and Rembrandt, Joanne den Dulk couldn’t live without Curaçao, it’s her gift from God to be a Yu di Kòrsou.

Adding the soundtrack ‘the man on the hill’ from the Beatles to her life, Joanne den Dulk wants to make people happy with her art, because color in pictures is like enthusiasm in life. Color is Joanne den Dulk’s daylong obsession and joy; the colors find her as she goes. Life without colors would lose much of its purpose…Joanne den Dulk lives her life through colors.