Danique Braam – van Ierland

Title: Chi chi ku Boeboe den Karnaval
Medium: Cut out of synthetic plastic and hand painted with acrylic paint
Size: 20cm x 10cm x 47,5cm
Year: 2020

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Biography of Danique Braam – van Ierland



This new creation is a two-face art piece called ‘Chi chi ku Boeboe den Karnval’. Many years ago, the name ‘Chi Chi’ was given to the oldest daughter and the name ‘Boe Boe’ was given to the oldest son. Nowadays ‘Chi Chi’ refers to: older woman, someone with guidance. It could be your aunt, mom or a female family friend. Boe Boe refers to an older brother.

In her art piece, Danique shows the two faces with their traditional headpiece for a Seu Harvest festival parade. The woman used different headpieces and men used straw-hats. Seu is a big and colorful event with lots of amazing costumes. This parade is held every year on Easter Monday.

Since we just celebrated Carnival, she projects the beautiful colors of this event on the faces of ‘Chi Chi’ and ‘Boe Boe’ by using loopy contour lines and shapes. All this hand painted with acrylic paint. To show her love for her island Curaçao, she painted the Curaçao flag on the back.