Serena Israel

Title: Wega di Ninichi©
Medium: Epoxy resin – painted with 2K paint – glass marbles
Size: (L x W x H) 21 x 23 x 12.5 cm + 5 Yuchi®’s (children)

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Biography of Serena Israel



This Artwork symbolizes the Island, the shape has a form of a karko (conch). Different elements of Curaçao are reflecting in this piece. The sea comes back in it, the flora is visible on the side, which represents the garden of the project at the children’s museum for visually impaired children. You see different children playing together on the artwork; which is the ultimate goal of the project at the children’s museum besides the accessibility for all.

The children sculptures are called Yuchi®. Yuchi® is the adorable, cute youngest child of the family. You see one hiding in the Hato Caves, one is climbing the Christoffel Mountain, but the most important message of this piece is that they all play together.

Wega di Ninichi© is made interactive, there are different textures used to make it touchable. The Yuchi®’s are removable and can be placed on different spots on the artwork. There are 5 magnets positioned to move them around.  As well the piece is meant for entertainment, play together with your family or with your clients, colleagues at the office. Throw your marble from Christoffel Mountain. First decided how much risk you want to take by choosing the route. Easy – Advanced – Shortcut (Pro) route. Who will collect the most points wins.

This piece will be perfect at your office, it will catch people’s attention and will make their wait (for e.g. the photocopy) more pleasant. Make your people see that you care about an accessible Curaçao for everyone and place your best bid!

Wega di Ninichi© is specially designed for this Art auction, due to the importance of inclusion and to build an accessible community for every unique individual. At a later stage this piece will be reproduced but you will have the one and only first edition!